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Who is Giorgio Tavazza?

Born in Italy, Giorgio founded his first business (an e-commerce and marketing company) right after graduating from Newport Harbor High School as an exchange student. 

After several successful years in the E-commerce and marketing industry, Giorgio felt ready for a change. He decided to follow his passion and start a new project: Avanguardia Investment Media, with the goal of sharing free valuable news and investing content through social media. 

Now, Giorgio regularly interviews top investors and strategists around the world (guests like Jim Rogers, Michal Howell, Michael Belkin, and Doomberg appeared on the channel) and is the host of Weekly Market Talk

To connect with Giorgio via LinkedIn:

About Avanguardia Investment Media:

Avanguardia Investment Media (AIM) was founded with a clear mission: 

"To share valuable unbiased investing news and content to anyone"

We are tired of the regular financial media companies that are forced to push certain narratives to make their sponsors happy. We strive to be objective and create unbiased content.

We won't always give a "bullish spin" to any news just because our sponsors want investors to keep money in the markets (in fact, we are fully independent and don't have any sponsors).

Below you'll find the links to follow AIM on social media:

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